Swansea Accessibility Survey

Thursday 11-02-2021 - 12:16
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Greetings to all students and welcome to 2021.

As part-time elected disability officer for the academic year, I am aware that there are problems facing disabled students, either with or without any diagnosed impairment or condition, that need solving.

Some of the problems are arising from current circumstances. Other problems are long-standing and need highlighting through being brought up by students.

Lots of students report not knowing how to access stuff they may be entitled to, including extensions, and allowances including money.

In the Autumn term UWTSD Lampeter campus conducted an accessibility survey. Issues raised included, lighting issues, heating in halls of residence and lecture rooms not being adequate or not working correctly, as well as the quality and safety of the critical paths. Another important issue was parking, where problems include a lack of disabled parking as well as misuse.

Following this survey, Lampeter are planning to create an Accessibility Focus Group to scope out and act on issues.

All of which gives us fresh information and methodology to conduct such an accessibility survey in Swansea.

If you would like to help with this please contact me on 1908925@student.uwtsd.ac.uk and look out for updates, so we can make sure we can get feedback from hard to reach students, and otherwise be ready to take the survey, giving us crucial information to make university life more equitable, not just for you, but for the students that will follow you.

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