Big Ideas

Big Ideas is the platform we use to enable our members to voice their ideas, recommend change and steer the direction of the Students' Union. All our members can submit an idea, and nothing is too big or too small. You might want to suggest changes to your on-campus experience, pitch an idea to improve student life or raise an issue to get the backing of the student body and Students' Union - Big Ideas is the way to do it. 


How does this all work?

  • You Post An Idea. Tell us all about your idea so our members can read about it, like it or dislike it, and ask questions.
  • Taken to Council. As long as your idea isn't breaking any of our rules or values, it will be taken to Campus Council and Union Council. This is where our members will formally discuss and vote on an idea; ultimately choosing to approve it or reject it. 
  • Action. If approved, we'll put together an action plan; the idea will be moved the the 'we're working on it' section of Big Ideas, and we'll add official responses and updates relating to the idea there.
  • All Wrapped Up. Once an idea has been achieved or there's nothing more that can be done, we'll add it to the 'completed' section and give it one last official update.