Alex Rice


Alex Rice

Running for:
Carmarthen Campus President


Hello, I'm Alex! I’m a third-year actor. I would be honoured to be your next Carmarthen campus president. I’m passionate, dedicated, outgoing and want to help others. I am friendly and approachable as I value everyone feeling comfortable interacting with me. 

If elected, I pledge to: 

  • Set-up weekly drop-in meetings for students to attend to address any concerns they have. 
  • Set up student well-being programmes. Including coffee mornings, activities and social events aiming to connect students who have similar interests.  
  • Setup courses to help students learn various skills, including sign language, first aid, Budgeting Seminars, food prep and available financial aid. Making vital resources accessible. 
  • Work with other presidents to renew the challenge cup, improve cross-campus relations – making our own feel like more of a community. 
  • Create collaborative, engaging and welcoming activities for students, online or in person. This year has taught us that anything can happen, so I will always be prepared to respond to any situation that arises and ensure that students still have a social hub.  
  • Stand up for every student; running awareness campaigns and programmes on Black History month, World Mental Health Day, LGBTQ+ History Month and more.  


What are you main priorities for next year? 

What will you bring to the role?

How will you represent the student body? 


What are the main issues affecting Carmarthen Campus?