Anna Holland


Anna Holland

Running for:
LGBT+ Officer (Open Space) Carmarthen


Hello I am Anna Holland. I am running to be your LGBT+ officer on Carmarthen campus. I am running as I am Passionate about supporting and empowering LGBT+ students during their time at university. I myself have identified as pansexual for six years and understand what it is to be part of the community which I can bring to this role.   

If elected I will campaign on the following: 

Lecturers and other staff to have a sticker on their class room or office doors as a recognisable symbol of an LGBT+ safe space where support is accessible. Alternatively, badges or lanyards could be worn as they would be visible during online lectures. 

A digital LGBT+ magazine sharing support, creations and achievements of students.  

For events such as LGBT+  history month, Trans awareness week and many others to be celebrated. I had a limited awareness of LGBT+ events or support during my time at the University. I would raise awareness of these to include everyone. 

I promise to deliver more if elected.  

Please remember to vote. I Anna Holland, am running for the LGBT+ officer position. My student email is if you wish to contact me with any further questions.