Cindy Jenkins


Cindy Jenkins

Running for:
LGBT+ Officer (Open Space) Swansea


Hey, I am very happy to be myself forward for the LGBTQ nomination in the University in my manifesto I want to create a safe inclusive space at the University where people can be who they are.  

This will mean creating a campus that works well for every individual. I have been so passionate about the LGBT and been a big part of the community.  

I am so passionate about educating the community we live in and providing a place were like minded people can come together to make campaigns  the LGBTQ community. 

I would like to support vulnerable people who have been discriminated against or experienced any kind of hate crimes this will not be tolerated as I will create a inclusive space to help people who have suffered from bereavement I would like to help people as best as I can I believe I am a very compassionate and caring person and all my life I have dedicated my life to supporting the LGBTQ community and has been very close to my heart. 

So I would like to put some real understanding in society about the word equality because many people think they know what equality is but.