Hang Le


Hang Le

Running for:
Swansea Campus President


Hello everyone, my name is Hang and I am running for the position as Swansea Campus President. 

Up until this point, I have been an international student, an assistant, a worker, a manager, an entrepreneur and an influencer and I have been inspired and supported by some very big people regardless who they are or what their background is, for all that they had taught me is to always think big, be kind and be nice.

Therefore, coming and running for this position I believe that I could continue to pass the good that by time - has changed my whole self to the current and better version of me now. I want to be not only a leader, a representative for students and the Union but also to be the one that one can lean on and be with through his up and down – I want to make sure everyone would be heard and supported and no one shall ever be left out. 

More than just nominating and voting, for anything you want to speak up and need somebody to listen to, please feel free to reach me via 2000465@student.uwtsd.ac.uk. Thank you and keep shining!


What are you main priorities for next year?

In light of what has been going on since our life has been invaded by the naughty virus and by what I have observed so far, I feel like us students are likely to be forgotten and cared the least which somewhat could be understandable but shouldn’t be underestimated as the way it was.

Therefore, my main priorities for next year are these 3 following:

  • None of the students that I could reach to them should have the feelings that they couldn’t not be able to reach me or the UWTSD Student Union to seek for help when they were in need physically or mentally. As I always aim to, I hope everyone is to be heard and supported, at the right time.
  • Together we shall stay side by side, picking up from where we’ve been lost because of the pandemic and build up the beautiful shared values and good life toward the brightest future.
  • Lastly, as we could move forward leaving the worst behind, I hope we could again focus our total energy in supporting you all to see, know and build your worth by ranges of valuable activities so that from there you could always shine and thrive.


What will you bring to the role?

I will bring my very own self to the role with truth, sincere and passion but alongside with the opened mindset so that I would not lose myself and what I always stand for while I also could be able to listen to everyone’s stories, and be with them in their shoes to understand them at most.

I also believe that being sensitive and flexible enough with all the experiences I have got so far in life (though of course I don’t dare to say it’s so rich that making me wiser than ever), I just hope to be able to share all that I have got, all that I have learned, my lessons, life tricks, I want to inspire people to eager to learn, to know how to enjoy life and power through the possible dark times in their life then found themselves and peace in mind life I did. – For all I think is being a leader is not a job to prove or achieve power, it is actually a joy of helping people to see the good in them and they can be trusted and believed that they could rock something and they sure will rock something.


How will you represent the student body?

I think I should not declare anything for sure that I could do the greatest job representing the student body but I could be sure that I would try my very best to ensure we could be such an united group, standing next to each other through good or bad. I will represent the students by making sure:

  • Everyone would be known, be listened and be heard
  • All the voices matter and could reach where it should be reached to – I will be their voice if it might fall weak and I will support their voice to be more solid and stronger where needed.
  • Last but not least, no one ever shall be left out for I will not be a representative for a group where someone  might have the feelings that they is out. That would be such a shame, I think for not only me but also for what this role stands for.


Do you have any changes you wish to push forward in regard to the canteen on Swansea Campus?

Maybe some changes in the furniture to give more of the idea of the relaxing and cosy places for the folks to chill, eat and chat with each other. I find that it is okay now, but a bit boring and dull.

I am into sustainability so healthy food, eat clean and nutrition with facts to help them folks enjoying their food better alongside with great health shall also be a plan, of course, anti body-shaming and no stupid myths about body shapes would not be missed when it comes to the make-over about eating habit.

And as I am an international students, love exploring new things, cultures and different cuisines, I hope I might be able to do something to create the cross-border food hall (maybe once a week) or food/culture festival (for some times) - so that everyone could have a chance to travel around their world by just coming down to the canteen, learn more about the world, having fun with satisfied tummy and so - well, appreciate and respect diversity and all kinds of humans.