James Barrow


James Barrow

Running for:
Lampeter Campus President


My name is James Barrow, and I think that I am the right choice to be your next Lampeter Campus President.  

I believe that I can continue the brilliant work of those before me, maintaining the current transparency between both university and student. This will allow you to know exactly what is happening on both a faculty and student level. 

In light of recent times, the preservation and reintroduction of the services offered by the SU is paramount, and as such all SU-provided amenities are a top priority for me to reopen or continue in a COVID-safe manner. 

I will also be looking to campaign for increased accessibility for disabled students on campus, as I personally believe that the campus lacks in that regard around some residential buildings. 

I have much experience with the Student’s Union here in Lampeter, as I’ve been the president of Performing Arts since 2019, and I’ve also previously served as Lampeter’s Societies’ Officer for two years to great success. Becoming Campus President is the next step in this process for me, and I am confident that I’m the best candidate for this position and that I‘ll serve the student body to the best possible standard.