Jennifer Sargisson


Jennifer Sargisson

Running for:
Swansea Campus President


Hi, my name is Jennifer Sargisson, and I am running for Swansea campus Pres. I am neuro-diverse student who is currently the gender identity officer, and I’ve been part of the student Council consecutively for 3 year. During the three years I have propose and voted on changes on behalf of the LGBT+ community in both Swansea councils and union Council.  

I will be campaigning on and if I get elected my main focus will be on student safety and support, SU elections and part-time officers and inclusiveness. As well as any issues that may be caused by current events which obviously made into next year. 

I am focusing on these areas, as anybody who comes university for many different reasons and to my belief providing a community requires ensuring the focuses on the these. As getting a degree hard at the best time so want to ensure that all students in Swansea have a supported network they can fall back on, as coming out lockdown this can be hard.  

I loved going to more detail, but if you like my overview please contact me for more information and put me at a first or second choice. 


What are your main priorities for next year?

I am going be focus on support, Student Union & Inclusivity… but we live it wired times so also it will include sorting out issue as lockdown ends


What will you bring to the role?

I will bring my passion, experience, and pride from being a student of almost 5 years and 3 years as a Part time Gender Identity/ LGBT+ officer at UWTSD and use this to help student. Also, I have a stubbornness/ Fighting spirit of not letting thing pass if it causes harm.


How will you represent the student body?

I will, encourage more PTO’s especially of the liberation roles and as well as ready going around the Swansea campus to get feedback. Also, I will work with student, reps, and PTOs to run campaign or use the big ideas more


Do you have any changes you wish to push forward in regard to the canteen on Swansea Campus?

I will try and get a reviewal of student social spaces and cafes including the looking into a possible of student bar and try to lay the groundwork for that at minimum