Matthew Howells


Matthew Howells

Running for:
Swansea Campus President


Hello, my name is Matthew, and I am a final year student, as an existing elected course rep for Computing, I was also a former part time officer. I will be running to become Swansea Campus President for the academic year of 2021/2022.  

Within my time at UWTSD I have witnessed students’ lives being transformed for the better, by working with representatives in the Union.  

All students are encouraged to voice their ideas to gain an excellent student experience through their time at the university. I am also conscious of all the challenges students go through within university. I wish to have the opportunity to represent all students in UWTSD Swansea, to make everyone have a better experience.  

 I intend to focus around: -  

  • Improving Student Experience while taking views and opinions into account.  
  • Raising awareness about student health and wellbeing by promoting a selection of support and opportunities available at the university.  
  • Supporting sustainability across the university   
  • Representing international students.  
  • Offering additional support throughout people’s studies  
  • Encouraging international volunteers and student ambassadors.  
  • Promoting and pushing the Student union.   

Enforce these points if you vote Matthew for your next Swansea campus president during the UWTSD Student Union 2021 Spring elections. 


What are you main priorities for next year?

Within my time at UWTSD I have witnessed students’ lives being transformed for the better, by working with representatives in the Student Union.  If elected for the role of Swansea Campus President for the next academic year I shall be working with the union towards acieving new and better things making a difference to our students at the unviersity. This can be done by making certain priorities.

If elected my top three prioties would be


Student wellbeing is always a massive concern within all universities and student unions, Unfortunately being a student can be tense; from meeting new individuals, to adapting to new environments, and so on. The University offers opportunities for students to engage with training and courses. This can only be improved by additional funding allowing us to offer a wide range of further wellbeing sessions, and services for students to gain extra knowledge. The university offers exeptional help through Connect, Student Services and Hwb but this could be promoted further. My intention is to raise awareness about health and wellbeing, while promoting a mixture of support and opportunities available across the university.  At times everyone needs a helping hand. If elected I shall always be available


What will you bring to the role?

The role of president involves represntation of students by taking their feedback to high levels and board meetings. If elected as Swansea Campus president I wish to support the work of all Union sabatical officers alongisde other clubs and society committee members. Within any role it is always important to build a strong relationship with everyone in order to work together to gain the best outcomes through team work. I enjoy being part of a team and I believe that communication skills can add a lot of value to the role. During my time I supported the international Society. This meant that communication was essential while working with others to make a difference to our international students journey espeshally during Covid 19. I helped set up occasional coffee meetings online plus create opportunites for students.

Due to previous experience as a course rep and Part time officer, I know that this role will involve meeting tight deadlines. I remain comforable and confident while working on projects while still meeting deadlines. In order to make this process extra useful, I would aim to make brief notes during the day which helps to complete tasks considerably and made sure I met any deadlines.


How will you represent the student body?

I wish to make sure that any online student is able to get the same student expereince and access to resources regardless if they’re an online student or a physical student that goes to campus, This can include :-

  • Making students aware of the support services offered by the student union which are run across all campuses.
  • Collecting students feedback and report any actions to disscuss ways a problem can be solved
  • Taking into account student walfare and safety
  • Offering regular drop in sessions and ways to ask for advice even during out of office hours.
  • Working with key departments within the university to promote and make a difference within student experience
  • Attending regular meetings with both executives at senior management level and union representitives.
  • Ensure to answer any student queries during offlcie hours on social media or email communication.


Do you have any changes you wish to push forward in regard to the canteen on Swansea Campus?

In order to make changes and further inprovments to the Canteen facilities within Swansea Campuses it would be ideal to open and conduct a review into what students think and want changed within the services provided. This can be completed by running a questionnaire to collect information. This questionanire could be shown to Catering managers before being handed to Senior executives within the university. Certain students have stated that additional improvements could be pushed making the canteen services acessable to everyone. By carrying out a discussion students have stated that :-

  • The canteens throughout Swansea campuses have been stated to be extremenly expensive causing students to result to using other facilities. This can be avoiding by lowering costs or bringing in additional offers or meal deals. The current meal deal works but only includes certain things unlike other retailers in the swansea area. The university seems to overcharging and losing trade from students which needs to be addressed.

  • The canteens opening hours are not suited to students studying during the evenings. This could possibly be addressed by employing experenced students to run the services on a part time basis. The campuses offer vending mashine facilities but are not always functining.