Rebecca Palmer


Rebecca Palmer

Running for:
Carmarthen Campus President


Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I am running for the role of Carmarthen Campus President. If I was to be elected, I have three main points which also have subcategories within them. 

  • Mental health – from general wellbeing and support in the day to the evenings and weekends (out of hours). I believe that there should be relevant support as mental health and wellbeing is not a standard office hours issue. 
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity – this does not just mean for individuals with disabilities. I have had students in the past stating that they have been unaware of the different support available from financial to academic. I would ensure that all students are aware of what is out there and that they do not have to struggle alone. 
  • Extracurricular activities - now this point will depend on government guidelines, but I wish for there to be opportunities for all students from residential to those that travel in, also for them not to be solely alcoholic/nightlife based. 

For more details on my points as well as my campaign you can find my page on Facebook (vote Rebecca for Carmarthen president 2021/2022) and you can also email me at


What are your main priorities for next year?

As set out in my manifesto my main priorities are mental health and well-being, accessibility and inclusivity as well as the non-academic activities. For mental health and wellbeing, I want to work towards a more round the clock service and collaborative work with local agencies and charities. Accessibility and inclusivity cover everything from access needs to additional support from student services either on an interim or long-term basis. Non-academic activities would be tailored to suit everyone from residential to non-residential students and alcoholic to non-alcoholic. I want to ensure also students know that I am approachable regardless of their residential status the union is for everyone that’s a student at UWTSD.


What will you bring to the role?

From my previous experience of being on campus for my undergraduate degree and now a masters I have lived experience of the previous presidents and the vice presidents that we also had. From this I have learnt that part of this role you need to be welcoming where students are comfortable with approaching you for whatever reason. I will ensure that the student body know where they can find me and when but also my work details in case, they prefer virtual communication.


How will you represent the student body?

I will represent the student body by having an open-door policy. This means that when I am working in the office any issues can be brought to me. I would also be willing to raise issues with relevant staff when necessary. I would also try and meet the needs of all students including those that may not speak English like myself as a first language.


What do you think is the main issue effecting students on the Carmarthen Campus?

I would say the biggest issue that has influenced Carmarthen students regardless of their residential status would be clarity on the rules. By this I mean for example we have the current pandemic and there have been some students who have been told some information regarding their university life and then others have been informed differently which at times can be contradicting the first lot of information.