Saskia Judd


Saskia Judd

Running for:
Sports Clubs Officer Lampeter


I am currently the Captain of the netball team and love sports. I have been playing sports all my life and have had many different positions in teams. If I am elected as the sports club officer I promise to help wherever needed. I understand how important having representation is and I would love the opportunity to represent everyone who is involved in the sports teams but also the university as a whole. I want to promote multi-sport sessions, get clubs and  people together who may not necessarily already know each other well and to widen peoples sporting horizons! I am also very interested in keeping the teams sustainable so would love to help with this aspect in particular. Whether it's down to use of electricity or ways to make kit and equipment last longer so less reaches landfill. 


What are your main priorities for next year?

My main priorities for next year, as stated in my manifesto, are to represent every student who is in a sports club and make sure every voice is heard. Also I would love to try and get sports actually back on campus and a priority will be to return to sports whilst keeping every student safe. Furthermore, multisport tournaments would be something I would really like to look into to try and get the teams more involved with each other. Finally a priority for me is sustainability. The sustainability in sports teams can range from the kit, to the electric to travel and I would like to try and minimise the impact the teams have.

What will you bring to the role?

Hopefully I’ll be able to bring a new fresh perspective to the role. I have 14 years of sporting knowledge across a range of different sports. I am enthusiastic and ready to listen to what everyone needs. I hope I can offer a safe space and make everyone feel comfortable joining sports clubs. I also want to bring in an aspect of sustainability to the role because sports teams are notoriously unsustainably so I would love to be able to improve this. 

How will you represent the student body?

I will represent the student body by making time to listen to complaints, issues and suggestions which are made by the students. I will work as an intermediary between the students and SU. Every student's voice deserves to be heard and I want to help with that. I will attend all meetings and councils and put forward students points of view and follow up until an outcome is made which is at least satisfactory to the students. I want to be a visible presence who the students feel comfortable to approach and talk over their ideas.

What are your ideas for engaging with students next year?

Well firstly I’d make it very clear that I am free to be contacted at any time via email or message. Also I’d like to hold meetings with the execs and sports club members every term to keep up to date with the issues and needs of the teams at Lampeter. My plan to run intersport activities would require engagement but in a much less formal way. Moreover, I am considering starting a Facebook page or the like to update the sports teams of any new developments which may involve them. Finally, with permission from the exec I’d like to drop into sessions when we are back on campus to check in, in person and give members the chance to chat to me if wanted.