Vanessa Liverpool


Vanessa Liverpool

Running for:
Group President


About Me

Hi, my name is Vanessa Liverpool, and I am in my second year of a degree course in Business Management and Leadership, I am the Course Representative, I would like to use my current skills to work closely, with the union in this coming academic year. 

My interests are reading non-fiction and current affairs, cooking a variety of cultural foods with my favourite being Caribbean.  


Why should you vote for me? 

As a Course Representative, my communication skills and talent will be further applied whilst working closely with the Union. 

After much deliberation and thought I arrived at the slogan “The Only Barrier to Success is You”. I have truly experienced and continue to experience this paradox/challenge. Nothing is impossible even if it means just speaking to the right person with the knowledge regarding a matter of interest or support for a decision you have to make. I also have zeal to break every obstacle to success while helping others in believing that they can achieve whatever they have set their hearts and mind to do is something I would like to share with my peers and beyond. 

Top priority: Academic, Mental health, Employability and BAME Community.