Course & Class Reps


Course & Class Reps are an integral part of our partnership approach to embed student voice in decision-making at all levels of UWTSD.  Although Course Reps are student representatives, for our system to be effective academic staff have a role to play in ensuring that reps are elected for all courses. 
Course & Class Reps as a conduit for student voice and in their roles on Staff-Student Committees and within the Students' Union provide feedback on all aspects of the educational experience, such as curriculum development, feedback and assessment, course structure, facilities and resources, teaching/learning approaches, and the general academic experience of their fellow students. This feedback and the representatives themselves will play a key role in internal quality processes such as Annual Programme Reviews and Institute level reviews.   

Once elected, training is provided to all Reps by the Students' Union. 


Find Your Course Rep or Become One

If you want to find out who your Course or Class Rep is, or want to learn about the process of becoming one, please contact the Student Voice team.



  • Attend and participate in all Staff/Student Committees (three a year)  

  • Attend Course Rep training provided by the Students’ Union  

  • Meet with their Student Voice Rep and other Course Reps in the Institute to discuss ideas & issues  

  • Promote the role and how students can get in touch with them

  • Keep the Students’ Union informed of activity and issues  

  • Participate in Annual Programme Reviews  

  • Talk to students on their course and find out their ideas and issues  

  • Promote student feedback opportunities such as student feedback surveys and Student Forums 



  • Bespoke Course Rep training to equip Reps  for the year ahead  

  • Regular and practical briefings on issues relevant to their role  

  • Access to additional and voluntary training content   

  • Regular contact with Students’ Union officers and staff  

  • Help to promote their role and opportunities for students to get involved in providing feedback and shaping their educational experience