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UWTSD Students’ Union has heaps of fun events coming up in 2021-2022, but we need you to help us make it happen! SU Crew are a team of volunteers who provide a friendly and knowledgeable presence to new and returning students while encouraging a positive student experience by helping students to get involved in different Students’ Union activities and events throughout the year.

Apply to join the SU Crew

Applications to join the SU Crew for 2021/22 are open - please complete our online form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The deadline to apply is 25 August 2021, if you have any questions, email Michaella Batten.

SU Crew Tabs

A huge part of SU Crew is to participate in Welcome Week – an entire week dedicated to events and activities meant to give students a little peek into what their life at university will be like. There will be lots of exciting virtual events as well as fully risk-assessed, and socially distanced, in-person activities throughout the week. SU Crew would meet and greet students, and help them break the ice and get involved in activities, and be a familiar and friendly face. As part of the SU Crew, you would also be on hand to answer questions and signpost students to different services and resources as well as help students if they get lost. 

SU Crew members can volunteer for specific activities throughout the week such as helping students get involved in a pottery workshop, or signing them up for trips that we will be putting on throughout the year. If you’d like to be a bit more hands-off, there is also the opportunity to be involved in virtual events such as coffee chats or speed-friending. 

Throughout the year, SU Crew volunteers will also have the opportunity to be involved in other SU events such as Doggo Day, Wellness Week, and Go Green Week. Additionally, SU Crew will be a key aspect in event planning throughout the year to help us ensure that the events we put on are what students actually want.

Time Commitments

During Welcome Week, we are looking for students who can volunteer for around 15 - 20 hours. Commitments later in the year are more flexible; they are done on an as-needed basis when opportunities come up (like accompanying us on trips). Please note there's an SU Crew training on 6 September 2021.

Desirable Skills  

Previous experience helping charities or students is great, but don't worry if you don't have experience. We’re looking for volunteers who: 

  • Communicate well 
  • Problem solve 
  • Work as part of a team 
  • Manage time effectively  

 Key Responsibilities 

  • Provide a friendly and knowledgeable presence to students during events 
  • Share your experiences and provide top tips and info about student life 
  • Promote the SU events and service as well as encourage students to take part in events planned throughout the year  
  • Actively engage with students during events and activities to encourage a positive experience 

Reasons To Join

Free Training

Our SU Crew will get the chance to attend free training opportunities throughout the year.

Build Up Your CV

This will be a volunteering experience that looks great on a CV, ideal when you're looking for jobs.


At the end of the year, you'll receive a Certificate of Leadership from the Students’ Union. 

Understand The Union

You'll have the chance to learn all about the Union, useful if you’re interested in future SU involvement.

Trips & Events

You'll have free access to lots of fun events and trips throughout the year. 

Reference For Your CV

The Union can be a reference for your CV. 

Make Friends

Being a part of the SU Crews means you're part of a team - it's a great chance to make friends.  

Make A Difference

Enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’ve made a true difference to the student experience.

Perks & Merch

There will be loads of fun perks throughout the year and some free merch.

Required Training 

We'll provide you with all the training you'll need for this role. You'll need to complete an online module before the start of the term, and then attend a compulsory training session on 6 September 2021.

  • Online Module
  • Half-Day Training Session

Optional Training 

As part of the SU Crew, you will also be able to sign up for a host of other development opportunities ranging from accredited to bespoke training courses. If there is an additional training opportunity you would like to see included here, let us know!

  • Mental Health Training
  • Consent/Upstander Training   
  • First Aid Training  
  • Equality and Diversity Training


This role is unpaid but we will do our very best to ensure that your time volunteering is beneficial to you both personally and professionally. We are incredibly grateful to those who volunteer so we want the experience to have as positive an impact on you as your presence does on new and returning students. There are also loads of other fun perks, like a free swag bag, organic t-shirt, and CV recommendation.

We are accepting applications up until 25 August 2021, but if you’re interested in joining and have missed the deadline, drop us an email at

There is a ½ day of compulsory training taking place on 6 September 2021. There is also optional specialized training that afternoon. If you can’t make it to training, please don’t let this put you off. Apply anyways and include a little note with your availability. We may be able to sort out training for you at a later date. Once you’ve completed training, you will be able to sign up for a shift during Welcome Week that fits your schedule (Welcome Week dates TBC).

Yes and no. We can't accept recent graduates (alumni) but we'd love to have post-graduate students volunteer! Your experience is invaluable to us. Just let us know on your application form.

You do! But don’t worry, we will be providing you with a hand-designed organic cotton t-shirt that is ethical, sustainable, and fair-trade. We know what it’s like being stuck wearing something you don’t like, so we are doing our best to create a shirt that’s both comfortable and fun! We promise it won’t be fluorescent yellow ;)

We ask that you volunteer for 15-20 flexible hours during Welcome Week. You will be able to sign up for shifts that fit your schedule.

We’re an independent student-led charity for all UWTSD students. We work with the university to make sure students are being heard. We speak up for students, stand up for their rights, and empower them to make the most of their time at university. We put on heaps of events throughout the year to encourage a positive student experience. All students are automatically a member of the union as soon as they enrol; there are no forms to fill in and no fees to pay.