Nominations Explained

You've seen a position you want to do, and now you're wondering how to apply? We call this process Nominations; students vote to elect candidates into our positions during our Autumn Elections and Spring Elections.


Nominate Yourself or a Mate

Do you want to make a difference or know someone perfect for a position?


The Nomination Process

1. Read The Election Notice

Make sure you read our latest Election Notice. You'll find a list of all open positions and when the deadlines are for submitting your nomination and your manifesto.


2. Make Your Nomination

If you want to be a candidate, you need to submit a nomination. Click the link below to see a list of positions and make your nomination. You'll be notified if your nomination has been approved or rejected via email. 

Note: Adding Your Manifesto: If you have your manifesto ready, you can submit it alongside your nomination. If it's not ready, don't worry, you can just make your nomination and send us your manifesto later, but it must be with us before the manifesto deadline. 


3. Submit Your Manifesto

Now you need to write your manifesto. This is a short statement that lets you tell voters all about yourself and why you are right for the job. Don't stress if you're not a naturally born writer - we've got an online guide to help you. 


4. Voting Opens - Start Campaigning

Standing candidates are elected into position. Once voting is open, it's time to start campaigning for those votes. Make sure you follow the campaigning rules. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please email