The students' union is a charitable company. There are two overarching ways in which we are led: firstly through the union's democracy which makes political decisions and secondly through the union's governance. Governance focuses on how the charity is run, democracy focuses on how we represent your interests.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan sets direction for the next few years. It is based on student and stakeholder feedback. It gives us targets to achieve to enhance the student experience at UWTSD.

Memorandum & Articles of Association *new draft coming soon*

This is a legal document which explains the role of the students' union and its powers. It was reviewed and updated in 2021, the approved version will be uploaded in May 2021. To amend this legal document there is a process as set out in the first few pages which includes Board of Trustees, the University's Council, the union's democratic body, and a Company Law Meeting.


Our Bye Laws give us a framework on how to deliver the Memorandum & Articles of Assoication. Think of them like a toolkit designed to give structure. They can be amended by the Board of Trustees and the union's democratic body jointly.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets regularly. It oversees the strategic direction of the students' union and ensures that the charity is complying with relevant legislation.


You may be interested in how we are compliant with certain legislation.

Charities Act 2006

Students' Unions have become charities, which means we're registered with the Charity Commission (the regulator of charities in England and Wales). What this means in practice:

  • The number of 'paid' trustees needs to be in the minority. Our current Board make up is: 4 Sabbatical Officer ('Paid' Trustees), 4 Student Trustees, and 5 External Trustees
  • We need to publish an Annual Report in the perscribed Charity format
  • When we undertake our activities they must be charitable (i.e. have public beneift, our public beneifit is described within our Governing Document 'Memorandum & Articles of Assoication')
  • Annual Report and Finances published on the Chairty Commission's website (we also publish this on our website too)
  • Student Groups (clubs and socieities) funding is kept in a separate bank account

Education Act 1994

Soon you'll be able to see our full compliance in a lovely table.

Companies Act 2006

We are a charitable company. What this means in practice is that we don't have shareholders. Everything 'belongs' to the members of the students' union (students).


Here are several documents which provide insight into our finances.

2019 - 2020 Financial Statements