Clubs & Societies Grants

We are really excited to launch this year’s grant applications! It has been a tough few months for us all and despite all our best efforts it has been difficult to relaunch our clubs and societies.  Some of you will have turned to online meet ups and we really hope that has worked well for you.

This year’s grant round will be more important to clubs and societies than ever before and we are really keen to hear your ideas on how you want to improve your activities by applying for a grant from your Students' Union.

In order to apply for a grant you will need to complete the grant form in the link below.  It is really important to help both us and you that you complete this as fully as you can. We would suggest that perhaps two or three members of your society contribute to the completion to give the fullest picture of who you are and what you want to achieve with the funding.

Applications are open now, and close at 5pm on Friday 12 February 2021.

Complete Application Form

All applications will e decided against the following critera:

  • groups that can show that they are currently active and are engaging their members
  • groups have broken down their costings effectivly
  • groups that are helping to provide sessions, events or resources to their group to enhance their expereince. 

Submitted grants will be looked at and decided by the Sabbatical Officers, the Sports Clubs Officers, the Soceities Officers, Head of Business and Finance and Head of Membership Services. 


Application Guidelines

Please see below for some guidelines on how to fill out each section.

  1. Name of Applicant.
    The person applying must be a committee member of the club or society.
  2. Name of club or society.
    This is the name under which the society is registered with the Students; Union; please contact your campus SEA if you are unsure of the name.
  3. Position in Society.
    This may be Treasurer, Chair, or Captain; just let us know!
  4. Email address.
    We suggest that this is your UWTSD Student email address.
  5. Which campus is your society based on?
    This is the campus upon which most of your members are based; you may well be an online society welcoming students from all campuses, so just check that box if this is the case.
  6. Does your club/society have any funds deposited with the Students' Union? If so, how much?
    If you are not sure about the finances of your society, contact your local SEA, and they will be able to help you.
  7. How many members does your Club/Society have?
    This will be the number of members enrolled as of September 2020.
  8. Please give a brief description of what your club or society does; please include details of any events or activities you have carried out in the last year to 18 months.  
    This is your chance to showcase your society, so let us know all about you! This section is really important, blow your own trumpet!  What do you think your club or society has done well? Did you have any events, create team hoodies or just simply increase your membership? What activities do you regularly do and what are you proud of? This is your opportunity to really let us know all about you!
  9. What UWTSD Students' Union training have you and your members attended this year?
    UWTSD SU has created a suite of clubs and society training; let us know how many of your members attended this training.  We have also held risk assessment training so let us know about attendees to that too.  We hold this training to support you, so we are really keen to know that you and your members engaged with it and found it useful.
  10. How much money are you requesting?
    Please note that most grants do not exceed £500; if you wish to apply for more than this, we will need to see a full budget and details of how you want to spend it.  Please note that we cannot fund activities such as social events or club trips.  If you have any queries about what we can fund, then please get in contact with your local SEA.
  11. Please give details of what you would use this funding for; give us as much information as you can.
    This section is really important. Please let us know exactly what you want to fund; please give specific details, e.g. 4 basket-balls at £20 each; new kit for 20 people at a cost of £15 each.  If there are a few items, make sure they are all itemized.
  12. Going into 2021, what do you want your club or society to achieve?
    This may be simply attracting more members, holding more events or improving links with local communities.  We are keen to hear how you will also try and raise funds to support your activities going forward, as sustainability is something we keen to promote. We are really keen to hear about how you want to develop your club and society, so that we determine how we can help you do this.  Raising funds for your activities shows that you are committed to creating a sustainable society, and gives you valuable experience in arranging fundraising events, so let us know all your plans!

We are really looking forward to reviewing your applications and hope to have a decision for you by the 20th February 2021.  Once the funding is agreed it will be transferred to your club/society account for you and your members to access.

If you have any queries at all please contact your local Student Engagement Assistant

Laura Yates (Carmarthen)

Laura-Cait Driscoll (Lampeter)

Andrew Jones (Swansea)

Rebecca Crane (Cardiff, Birmingham & London)