Battle Society (Lampeter)

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Battle Society; 


The Battle Society is currently a group dedicated to the study and practice of the martial art/sport 'Historical European Martial Arts' or 'HEMA' for short. We are an enthusiastic collection of people who enjoy swinging swords, reading fight manuals, and generally having fun whilst doing so. All are welcome, no matter age or experience, as long as you are a University of Wales student or hold your own insurance. 


President: Lily Earp
Secretary:Jacob Summers
Treasurer: Rhiannon Watts-Robinson


Our meeting times are:

3:30pm on Wednesday on the main field


Accreditation Status:
Working towards Bronze

How to join?

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How much to join?

Joining this group is free however you must have a valid TeamTSD societies membership which cost £5 for this academic year. 


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