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The Medieval Society is a 12th Century re-enactment group portraying events between the years 1135 - 1215. From dynamic and exciting massed combat, knights displaying their prowess in a tourney, to displays of archery, woodworking, metalworking, fletching, or cooking, the Medieval Society presents you with the workings of 12th Century life. So whether you are interested in fighting with medieval weaponry, shooting bows, or partaking in any number of medieval craft, then we are the society for you. Did we also mention that we travel all over Wales and England spending the weekend at medieval castles putting on shows for the public (see our pictures below)? If you would like to give the society a try, come and join us with a bottle of water and suitable footware every Wednesday and Saturday on the field in front of the Old Building from 12:30. We hope to see you soon, and remember, you can read history in books, but you can live it with us!


Find our public page at Historia Normannis Lampeter on Facebook to catch up on all our activities and adventures, or email our exec at:


We meet every Wednesday and Saturday between 12 and 2pm in front of the Old Building

President: Matthew Cowley
Secretary: Samuel Lawrence
Treasurer:Rhiannon Watts-Robinson
Social : Ozzie Major

Accreditation Progress:
Gold Accredited 

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