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Welcome to the International & Exchange Student Society - IESS

We are looking for team members!

If you are passionate about volunteering, helping International students feel at home while they are in the UK, Organise different events, support systems, Photography? Videography? etc

If you want to develop yourself within any area be it visuals, finances, accounting, Photo / Video Communications


Join us as a committee member or a International volunteer for the next academic year!

Message us for more details or email internationalsociety.tsdsu@gmail.com


What is IESS ?

International and Exchange Students’ Society is a group welcoming all students regardless of their background or study program. Fostering the values of 

  • Internationalisation 
  • Cultural exchange
  • Involvement in local communities

Get involved in meeting new people from all over the world and join in on our activities such as celebrating British events, Karaoke Nights, Language Cafe, learning about different cultures, Trips around Wales, the UK andEurope etc.

Are you:

  • New to Wales/UK and want to meet a local student or fellow international students?
  • A local student willing to meet an international student ?
  • Just Looking To Make New Friends ?


Come and Join us if you would like:

  • To gain confidence communicating among international groups
  • To integrate within university life
  • To integrate within international student communities
  • To take a break from university life for a few hours
  • Become An UWTSD International Buddy


How Can I Contact IESS:

Email Us at internationalsociety.tsdsu@gmail.com

Call Us On 07555703126 or 07940224760

Find Us On Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/UWTSDIESS/

Follow Us On Twitter - @iessuwtsd

Follow Us On Instagram - iessuwtsd

If you wish to speak to The University Senior International Student Support Officer please contact our committee using the provided details who would be happy to assit or direct students further.

We Look Forward To Welcoming You To UWTSD


Terms and conditions

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