James Barrow

Lampeter Campus President



Hi! I’m James Barrow, and I'm your Lampeter Campus President for 2021-2022! I want to focus on improving accessibility for all students on the campus. And to preserve (and hopefully reintroduce) the sports and societies that make this campus great.

My main aims for this year are;

  • To gain disabled parking behind Carl Lofmark, Roderick Bowen, and other halls.
  • To look into reintroducing societies in some capacity.
  • To improve living conditions in the student halls.
  • To promote sustainability and the reusability of everyday items.

Your Students' Union has four Sabbatical Officer positions, these are full-time and paid. The roles are for a Group President (one over-arching role covering all campuses), and a Campus President position for Swansea, Lampeter and Carmarthen.

Together, the team of Sabbatical Officers leads the Students’ Union on a daily basis, providing direction to the Union’s staff team and making sure that the work of the organisation is relevant to the experience of our students. Sabbatical Officers are considered to be the primary student representatives by the University and provide student ideas, issues and opinion on a variety of topics by participating in project, partnership and committee work within the University.

Sabbatical Officers set the agenda in terms of new ideas and activities for the Students’ Union to try, and work hard to make sure that all students know what their Union is for, and how they can get in touch. Sabbatical Officers automatically serve as trustees of the Students’ Union, and any candidates should read the Student Trustees section to make sure they are eligible.

Responsibilities of all sabbatical officers include...

  • To work in such a way that promotes the values and mission of the students’ union and does not bring the Union into disrepute.
  • To effectively represent the views of students to the University and other stakeholders in order to advance the experience of students at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.
  • To fully participate in the University’s committee cycle by attending designated committees, groups and boards and making representation on behalf of UWTSD students.
  • To ensure that the Union is operating according to its constitution and bye-laws.
  • To work in a transparent manner, updating students regularly through articles, blogs and other methods of communication as deemed appropriate. 
  • To understand how issues of Higher Education policy affect current and future students, and disseminate knowledge and collectively organise students to act in their best interests.
  • To encourage students to participate in an activity that strengths student voice, improves their University experience, develops their skills and/or creates a vibrant and engaging community.
  • To serve as a ‘Sabbatical Trustee’ on the TSDSU Board of Trustees in accordance with Articles 24-50 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • To champion core SU policies, including a commitment to equal opportunities; zero tolerance to harassment; sustainability; and bilingualism and the Welsh language.
  • To increase student involvement in all aspects of the Union’s processes, structures, and activities.
  • To work together as a team to strengthen and advance the aims of the Students’ Union.



Responsibilities of the campus presidents include...

  • To oversee the provision of high-quality activities and facilities for students and the development of the range of activities and facilities available on each campus.
  • To support the development of localised engagement opportunities for student in activities and volunteering.
  • To support the development of the student representation system and provide advice, guidance and assistance to Course and Faculty Reps as required.
  • To ensure information is gathered and fed back between the Students’ Union, the University and Students regarding issues, wins and challenges.
  • To promote and refer students to the relevant University support services.