Want to Fundraise?

We're here to help inspire and support student fundraising. This page will run through key aspects of running a successful activity. 


Why fundraise as a part of RAG?

Any fundraising that's a part of our RAG programme is eligible to support from the Students' Union. This includes;

  • General advice and guidance 
  • Sourcing and borrow equipment. 
  • Booking a room or space. 
  • Help with transportation. 
  • Advice around sourcing funding.   



1. Planning & Applying

To get started you need to tell us who you want to fundraise for and why.

  • Think about the charity you want to fundraise for and why.
  • Think about when and where your fundraising will take place.
  • Talk to the charity and get permission to fundraise for them. 
  • You'll need to complete our RAG Fundraising Form and submit it for approval.
  • Your application will be reviewed by our RAG team; the process normally takes a couple of weeks.
  • If your application is successful, you'll be granted supported from TSDSU.


RAG Fundraising Form



2. Fundraising

Now it is time to put your plan into action and start fundraising.

  • You should deliver your fundraising as outlined in the planned and follow the rules and regs. 
  • Make sure you collect money using the security marked charity tins provided. You must include the charity number on each tin. 
  • Make sure that all the money is counted by two people and you safely store the money. 
  • Bring the money to TSDSU within 7 days of the event finishing. 



3. Donating the money

  • Once you've counted the fundraised money, you'll need to bring it to us within 7 days. 
  • You'll need to tell us how much money you've counted. 
  • We'll recount the money and confirm the amount with you.
  • We'll bank the money into our bank account. 
  • Once banked, we'll make payment to your chosen charity using the details you provide;
    • Charity bank details
    • Link to the donations page on the charity website.
  • We'll send you confirmation of the donation. 



4. Rules & Reg's 

The Do's

  • All fundraising must be done in an ethical, transparent and legal manner.
  • You must be polite and professional.
  • You must not unfairly criticise or insult other people or organisations.
  • All donations should be collected in the secure collection tins provided.
  • All fundraised money must be counted by two members of your team.
  • All fundraised money must be brought into TSDSU within 7 days of the end of the fundraising activity.
  • You must securely store the fundraised money until it reaches TSDSU.


The Do Nots

  • Act in a way that might cause high levels of stress to members of the public.
  • Be dishonest or manipulative.
  • Act in a way that might damage the reputation of TSDSU or the charity you're fundraising for, this might be;
    • Smoking or drinking whilst fundraising.
    • Taking or being under the influence of illegal drugs.
    • Being lewd, aggressive or swearing.
    • Don't shake the tin. 
    • Putting undue pressure on members of the public to donate.
    • Exploiting your position for personal gain.
    • Exploiting the personal circumstances of an individual.
    • Exploit someone who cannot fully comprehend the situation.
    • Request donations from someone under 18 years of age.
  • You must avoid causing an obstruction, congestion or being a nuisance to the public.
  • You must not obstruct, interfere with or disrespect members of staff from local businesses.


The Three-Step Rule

  • Whilst fundraising, you must comply with the ‘three-step’ rule.
    • You must not take more than three steps alongside the person or follow them.
    • If the member of the public has not come to a stop within the three steps, you must end your attempt to talk to them.
    • You must not follow a person beyond the 'three-step' rule.



5. Resources

We’ve got some online resources to help you get started; 


Book A Room

Book A Minibus

Advice for planning an event or trip

Risk Assessment Advice & Template

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