Club Accreditation

Step One

Before your group can achieve bronze, silver or gold status you must have completed the following ‘working towards accreditation’ criteria:

  • Group approved by the Students’ Union executive committee.
  • Group constitution written and submitted to us. 
  • List of current committee members submitted to us.


  • Your group listed on this website.
  • Access to Students’ Union minibuses.(Link to Minibus hire page)
  • Social media promotion. 


To achieve bronze status your group must meet the following criteria:

  • Group constitution approved.
  • Attend club and society training. 
  • Complete a basic risk assessment with the Students’ Union.
  • Committee members sign up to the club behaviour pledge.
  • Run a stall at a Fresher’s Fair. 
  • Send at least two members to first aid training.
  • Keep regular meeting details and committee list up to date and post events, trips and fixtures on this website.
  • Regularly submit team sheets to (If applicable)
  • Hold an AGM and submit minutes to us.
  • Hold committee elections in line with SU guidance.

Bronze Benefits:

  • Access funding to support group development 
  • Access a small annual grant 
  • Transport and fixtures arranged on request


This is the minimum tier for BUCS clubs. To achieve silver status your group must meet the following criteria:

  • If a BUCS club, organise additional fixtures to enable more people to play games.
  • Run at least two club fundraising initiatives in an academic year.
  • Host a ‘Give it a Go’ activity during refreshers.
  • Enter a team for Challenge Cup if possible.
  • Draft a basic budget for the year, mapping out projected income and expenditure.
  • Provide an up-to-date list of equipment, including relative value and expected replacement date.
  • Investigate coaching courses and apply to the Students’ Union for match funding (50-50) for at least one second year club member to attend a coaching course.
  • Supply regular match reports for the SU website.
  • Complete a club sustainability audit and identify two areas of improvement.

Silver Benefits:

Eligible for BUCS entry
Transport funding considered.
Priority booking for facilities.


To achieve Gold status your group must meet the following criteria:

  • Increase participation (sign-ups & those regularly training or playing)
  • Created a three-year development plan and set SMART targets for improvement.
  • Organise two fundraising activities on behalf of external charities.
  • Committee handover documentcreated and shared with new committee and SU. 
  • Works with the SU to run mental health, first aid and bystander training for group members.
  • At least five club members attend two SU volunteering activities/events.
  • Participates with SU Green Impact activity.
  • Helps to promote the Big SU election.
  • Can illustrate improved sustainability performance in at least one area.

Gold Benefits

  • Priority given for and kit and equipment funding.
  • Access to coach funding.