Samina Zia

Student Voice Rep



One of the many reasons I chose to become the student rep is that I have always been very confident in speaking my mind about almost anything and everything. However, there was a phase of my life where I was not able to communicate with others. I ended up keeping quiet about things and started to bottle it up and in a way suffer in silence.

I decided to change this. Not just for myself, but for many others who have most likely been in a similar boat as me. Everyone used to tell me how confident I come across, (even when deep down it was not the case). That is when I started feeling about making a change for myself and started improving slowly. I then decided to take it to the next level by helping others build/regain their confidence by being a good listener and communicator to help others to start speaking and sharing their feelings and emotions. This helped build my own confidence as well as boosted others through motivation. As a result, I was a student/peer support throughout college. I was also a student learner rep during Level 4 and am still presenting my group through level 5 at present.

In regard to my present selection of becoming a Student Voice Rep, I feel that I will have so much more to learn and develop many new skills as well as brush up my existing ones. I will do everything I can to represent my group, other peers within the BLC and across the university and ensure to make the students aware that if there isn’t something they can speak about to lecturers/tutors, they can always know that there is someone who can be there for them from within amongst them. Someone who can pass on information and be the voice for their problems and or concerns.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read the above about me.

Best regards
Samina Zia