Tammy Bowie

Lampeter Campus President

tammy.bowie@uwtsd.ac.uk Facebook Instagram

Hi everyone! My name is Tammy, and I am your Lampeter Campus President for 2020/2021! My job is to represent you and organise campaigns that impact our student body. I am excited for the coming academic year, so we can all get to know each other better and welcome you to UWTSD and TSDSU. My main goal of the year is to make sure every student feels they can engage with the Student’s Union as much or as little as they like, and that we champion the causes you are most passionate about, so please feel free to get in touch! I would love you hear from you! Take care and we will see you soon!

My top 3 priorities:

Accessibility! Our campus is approaching its Bi-Centenary and the campus has not had an update in a while. I want to secure the funding to have the campus brought into this century, ensuring ease of access requirements are met as standard as well as ensuring education at UWTSD Lampeter is financially accessible to all students, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Mental Health! Mental health is always a pressing concern in students unions, however with the Covid-19 impact on 2020, students may find they feel more down than usual; that’s where my mental health campaign will come in. Tentatively titled “GET OUT” is a student-led, pro-active mental health campaign, that would aim to get students out of halls, exploring Wales and beyond, as well as promoting new hobbies and pastimes, designed at countering the effects of quarantine lockdown. (Please note this is while following government guidelines in relation to the Covid-19 situation).

Green Policy! UWTSD and TSDSU have made massive strides in reducing plastic waste, however there is more we can do. I aim to have reduced the amount of paper waste produced by the campus, and potentially the wider university, by the end of the academic year by designing new systems for handouts, promoting recycling programmes and working with the Green Society to ensure the SU is as environmentally friendly as possible.