Trustee Board Members

This page will provide you insight into each type of trustee, who they are, and what committees they attend.

External Trustees

Rachel Whitty, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Mark Bleasdale (Chair of Finance Committee & Chair of Health & Safety Committee)
Bethan Foweraker (Chair of Governance, Appointments, and Nominations Committee)
Ashley Storer-Smith (Chair of Audit & Risk Committee)


Student Trustees

Maudie Hughes (Member of Finance Committee and HR & Remuneration Committee)
Kelvin Kpenosen (Member of Audit & Risk Committee)


Sabbatical Trustees

Vanessa Liverpool, Group President & Vice-Chair of the Board (Member of Finance Committee and Audit & Risk Committee)
James Barrow, Lampeter Campus President (Member of Finance Committee)
Becky Bush, Carmarthen Campus President (Member of Finance Committee and Health & Safety Committee)
Liam Powell, Swansea Campus President (Member of Audit & Risk Committee and HR & Remuneration Committee)

All sabbatical trustees are members of Governance, Appointments, and Nominations Committee)

Each Trustee is invited to attend a day-long training session from NCVO delivered by a governance consultant as well as access to the NCVO eLearning platform. Trustees also have access to finance training as well as a mentoring programme. Sabbatical Trustees recieve 2 weeks of intensive training during their first two weeks in post covering their role as trustees, student representatives, portfolio, and campaigners.

Register of Interests

We ask all trustees to complete a 'Register of Interests' so that they can be transparent about their connections and existing relationships. At each Board and committee meeting we ask Trustees to note any conflicts of interest in relation to particular items.

UWTSD SU Register of Interests 2021-22

UWTSD SU Register of Interests 2020-21