Union Wins


When students and the Students' Union work together, great things happen. Below are a few the wins we're most proud of - the big ones and the small ones. 



Big White Wall

In 2019, the Students' Union worked with the University to provide students free access to Big White Wall. It's an online community all about mental health, with support from peers, professional and trained counsellors.


Learn more about Big White Wall.


This campaign was led by:
Josh Whale, Lampeter Campus President 2017/18. 



Free Parking for Students

In 2017, the Students' Union secured free parking for students with dedicated student parking zones.


Learn more about free student parking.


This campaign was led by:
Rob Simkins, Group President 2017/18. 



£50,000 for Student Mental Health. 

Trinity Saint David Students' Union and Swansea University Students' Union have been successful in securing funding to help improve student mental health. TSDSU has a budget of £50,000.   


Learn more about this project


This campaign was led by:
Becky Ricketts, Group President 2019/20. 


Planting over 1000 trees

TSD Swansea Environment Society has planted over 1000 tree at Llys Nini Animal Shelter. 

Learn more about the Big Plant


This campaign was led by:
Ella Wilkinson, Swansea Environment Society


£8,500 for Cardiac Risk in the Young

In memory of Dominic Newton, the TSD Swansea Basketball Team and the Students' Union ran a series of memorial events called 'Dom Days' that raised over £8,500 for Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Learn more about Dom Day.


This campaign was led by:
TSD Swansea Basketball Team and Joe Edwards, Swansea Campus President, 2015/16