Moving In

Are you all excited about moving into your new place? It's exciting (and a little scary). But don't worry, we'll run through some of the main things you should do when you move in.  



Your landlord will supply you with a written inventory, a list of the fixture, fittings and furniture within the property. You need to check everything! Ensure you write down notes of any work you think needs to be done. If there are any discrepancies, agree on them with the landlord and get them signed. If you didn’t receive a written inventory then write one and make sure it gets signed by you and the Landlord.



The day that you get the keys to the property take reading from the gas and electricity meters. It is worth getting a file to keep all those bills together. Then you can ensure that if you pay a bill your housemate can record how much and when they paid you.


Council Tax

Full- time registered students can apply for an exemption from paying council tax. This can be done by going to see the Registry Department get an exemption certificate.


Contents Insurance

Make sure you get contents insurance! This will ensure that your valuables including computers, TV’s etc are protected. Search online to find a policy best fitted for you, your housemates and property.


Gas, Electricity & Fire Safety

Landlords are required by law to make sure gas appliances are checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineers. They are also required to make sure all electrical appliances provided have the CE mark (manufacturers claim it meets European Safety Standard Law). Your Landlord should provide a fire alarm for each floor level and carbon monoxide detector in any room using solid fuel. You can also ask the Fire & Rescue Service to visit your property to carry out a Home Fire Risk Assessment.


TV Licence

If you own a TV then you will need a TV licence. A Joint Tenancy only requires one licence. Individual tenancy agreements requires separate TV Licenses for each person.


Bins & Re-Cycling

Make sure you find out what days your rubbish and re-cycling get picked up. If unsure check with a neighbour or online using your postcode. Keep the outside of your property tidy and clean to avoid pests and a smell which will make you unpopular with the neighbours!