đź‘Ť 5 Ways to Support Yourself upon Release of Results

Friday 18-06-2021 - 10:19

The results are in! Relax your shoulders, let your tongue fall away from the roof of your mouth, and indulge in the deepest breath you’ve taken all day. Whether your results are what you expected, or perhaps not quite what you were hoping for, we’ve put together a short list of ways in which you can support yourself throughout Release of Results.


1. Plan to Celebrate

Before checking on your final results on MyTSD, plan to celebrate afterwards regardless of the outcome. Treat yourself to a kombucha and watch a favourite film. Have a virtual dinner with friends and family. Take a colour walk. Throw on a podcast and doodle. Find an activity that both makes you feel good and celebrates your accomplishment. You’re allowed to reward yourself!


2. Listen to Your Body

Listen to what your body needs and do your best to support it. Does your body need rest? Perhaps you want to try out a Nidra meditation (check out this link for one of my favourites on letting go). Or maybe you feel like getting some of that pent up energy out in a good gym session? It may be as simple as making a cup of camomile tea, grabbing a cozy blanket, and reading a good book with your pet. Whatever you choose, really tune into what your body needs at the moment and allow yourself to indulge in it.


3. Reach Out

Don’t forget to reach out to others for support. Perhaps you can set up a Zoom call with your family, meet a friend for tea in a local park, or talk to the university’s Career Service to see what options you have. If you’re having an especially difficult time, you may want to book a free counselling session or find peer support on Togetherall. Take this time to care for your mental health and focus on connecting with people that bring you joy. You deserve it after all the hard work you’ve put in!


4. Do Something You’re Good At

Your results may not be what you expected, and it’s okay to feel a little down about them. Remember that they don’t define who you are; results are only a small steppingstone in the journey along your career path. Doing something you’re good at can give you a much-needed lift. Maybe you’ve perfected winged eyeliner (teach me your ways!), or perhaps you’re amazing at football, gardening, or singing. Choose something that boosts your confidence and enjoy it!


5. Take a Break

Taking a break and allowing yourself the time and space to process your results can be incredibly beneficial. Set aside some time to relax after you have read through the comments and feedback. Come back to them a day, or even a week, later. If things still don’t seem right after taking some time away, you can contact the Students’ Union to explore your options for making an Academic Appeal.


And finally, remember that it is an incredible accomplishment to have completed the academic year. Regardless of your results, you should be very proud of yourself. You’ve made it: well done!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at unionadvice@uwtsd.ac.uk. We’d love to hear from you!



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