A statement on Challenge Cup 2020

Thursday 06-02-2020 - 15:20

It is with regret that this year’s Challenge Cup, which was due to be held in Carmarthen, has been cancelled. 

We cannot stress enough that the decision to cancel this event was not taken lightly. The event itself is a huge operation, with students from all three campuses converging onto one. 

The reasons behind the event being cancelled are due to logistical reasons, and health and safety concerns.

 In recent months the students’ union has gone through a number of staff changes which means that, at the moment, we do not have the staff numbers or resources to run this event safely. 

Students health and wellbeing is paramount to the students’ union and in our current situation we are not able to resource the level of precautions and staff support required for this event. 

This is just for this year and the Students’ Union will plan on holding the event once again in 2021 when staff numbers are back to full capacity.

Once again, we’d like to apologise for the disappointment this will have caused but trust that you will accept and understand our decision.

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