Exciting Lampeter Developments 

Thursday 06-08-2020 - 12:36

“As part of the development, the University is very keen to invest in the pavilion and the playing field, ensuring that the enhanced facilities will be available for use by both students and sports clubs within the community”. 


The University has announced some exciting plans for Lampeter and the playing fields, which include: 

  • Restoration of the pavilion.
  • Investment and improvements to the multipurpose grassed pitch.
  • A new rural enterprise academy.
  • Potential for student jobs in a new supermarket.

Students have told us that they want to see enhancements to the pavilion and the pitches in Lampeter, and the University would like to make these proposed improvements a reality.   

There will be the creation of a new rural enterprise academy, called Canolfan Tir Glas; showing the University's continued commitment to Lampeter as a town and a campus. We are excited to see how it will support local food businesses and improve food sustainability.  
There is also the announcement of a new Aldi supermarket, which will create around 40 new jobs and allowing students the opportunity to apply for work and earn some extra money while they study. 
These developments will enable the University to invest in restoring the pavilion and make improvements to the pitches. Around 30% of the field will be made available for Canolfan Tir Glas and Aldi. 

We appreciate that you may initially feel a sense of disappointment to hear that some of the land will no longer be useable. However, these developments do offer an exciting opportunity for growth in our community both in town and as a campus and it is important that we work with the University to shape this opportunity into something we can be proud of, some benefits of this include;

  • The remaining multipurpose grassed pitch (rugby/football) will be improved and be of superior quality, for both student and community use.
  • The pavilion will be restored. 
  • This is a significant investment in Lampeter; which will support local businesses and bring employment opportunities for students and the community.

University staff have made themselves available to the Lampeter Rugby Teams and your student representatives, to make sure that students are involved throughout this process and ideas are taken on board.  It is important to note that this proposal is currently at an informative concept stage and will form the basis of a joint planning application submission between the University and Aldi in due course.


As your Students’ Union, we are here to make sure the voice of current students is heard. If you have questions about the development, you can find out more information here: 



If you have questions about how students can be involved make sure to contact:



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