Food & Mood. Mental Health Week 2020

Monday 05-10-2020 - 11:27


Today is the start of Mental Health Week at the Students' Union. We will be covering different topics surrounding mental health, providing resources, and promoting positivity.


Starting our week is food and mood. We want you to share your go-to-foods for 'feel-good health kicks' and 'treat-yo-self' moments. To get the ball rolling, the SU team has shared their food favourites. 


We whole-heartedly agree that a balanced diet can do wonders for your health and wellbeing; eating your 5-a-day, drinking plenty of water and getting some gentle exercise are well-known mood boosters. But sometimes, this is easier said than done; with deadlines looming, working part-time and juggling life in general - it can all feel a bit much. 


Should we kick ourselves if we have a 'cheat meal'? We think not - it's all about moderation after all.


We want you to share your mood-boosting foods - whether it's healthy eating or something a bit more indulgent. Head to our Instagram to take part and make your recommendation.


#StudentMentalHealth #MoodFood

Food Advice From Mind


Treat-yo-self: Rebecca's go-to gelato.


James Go-To Pizza. 


Treat-yo-self: Channelling his inner Paddington Bear, Matthew with Marmalade. 


Treat-yo-self: Steve and his love of Nutella.


Treat-yo-self: Euan's love of chocolate. 


Health Kick: Euan's love of oranges. 


Steak, Georgia's go-to comfort meal. 


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