Notice of Poll: Bye-Election 2021

Thursday 03-06-2021 - 15:20

The following candidates have nominated themselves for the Bye-Election 2021. All UWTSD students have the democratic right to influence the issues the Students’ Union works on and contribute to the way it represents you to the University and the wider community.


Use your vote

Voting will take place from Wednesday 9th June 10:00am until Friday 11th June 3:00pm. Make sure you use your vote to choose who will lead the Students' Union and represent you from July 2021. If you have any problems voting, please email to contact a member of the Elections Team.


Get informed

All Candidates produce manifestos that contain information about who they are and what they want to work on next year if elected. Ask yourself if they display the priorities as well as the key creative and communication skills that you would like to see in someone who is representing you. Manifestos will be available on our website on Monday 7 June 2021.


Your Bye-Election 2021 Candidates

Sabbatical Officer, Swansea Campus President

  • Cameron Popham
  • Iskander Abd-Al-Kerim
  • Liam Powell

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