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Tuesday 18-05-2021 - 12:28

Do you know that 51.4% of Brits wear sustainable fashion or clothing from a charity shop! Let’s stop shaming the situation and start supporting it.

There’s almost a social requirement that everyone is to own the newest and best item on the market, whether this be household, technology or fashion. We’re brought up in a world where sustainability, including reusing and up-cycling items, isn’t seen as a positive action; we already have to make better use and beneficially SAVE OURSELVES MONEY. But instead, we use terms such as “hand me downs” which already gives the situation a negative feel with just the wording used; straight away we associate the term “hand me down” with something being old and tatty but still useable, just about.

This is something we have learnt over the years; many years ago when families didn’t have as much wealth as we do today, they would “up-cycle” and “hand on” clothing which may pass through many generations, leaving the clothing in a state that we would consider today as un useable. But that’s not the case anymore, purchasing items from online pre owned selling websites and charity shops is a great way to add good quality, cheap and sometimes designer brands to your wardrobe.

These retailers you’ve had a prejudice against trying before will not only refuse to sell items that are in a bad condition, but you can also assure the items have not had as many previous owners as those years ago wearing hand me downs. Moving past this stigma we’ve developed for second-hand items will not only be beneficial to the world we live in, but also to our bank accounts, which there’s no denying we all like the sound of.


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