Dogs in Hats

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About Our Group

Who doesn't love dogs in hats? This group is free to join, we never meet up, but you'll receive a collection of the month's best dog in hats photo - direct to your email inbox on the last Friday of the month.


We search the internet for the best finds and our members send us their own photos too. We're open to all students at UWTSD, from all campuses.


This group started as a test group by the Union Comms team, but after getting some traction with students, we've decided to make it a real thing. 


Send your submissions to


Our Committee


Matthew Otten


Sarah Cole

Contact & Joining

You can join this group for free by clicking the 'Join' button at the top of the page. If you have any questions about this group, please contact:

Social Media

We don't have any social media for this group. But you can follow the Students' Union channels. 


Facebook: @uwtsdunion Twitter: @uwtsdunion Instagram: @uwtsdunion