LGBTQ+ Society (Lampeter)

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Our society is a little different to some of the others you will come across. We are here to support the LGBTQ+ students. We provide educational materials on many areas such as LGBTQ+ history, LGBTQ+ oppression and different sexualities and genders. Our aim as a society is to educate people. Whether that be educating people who don't know much about the community and want to learn or helping people understand the many different terms that the community has. As well as teaching, the society also draws attention to LGBTQ+ creators and representation. This can sometimes be in the form of a film night where we watch an LGBTQ+ film or it can be discussions about LGBTQ+ individuals throughout history.


President: Rhiannon Watts-Robinson

Secretary: Jacob Summers

Treasurer: Susan Fullwood

Sociel Sec: Georgia Williams

Vice President: Ceilyn Williams