Stress Less


Insight Timer

This amazing app, with several soundtracks for sleep and stress-relief, guided meditation and Teacher classes to support stress, sleep, and well-being; is available for free! A premium version is available which allows more features (you can get by with the free one just fine). 





This is a free app that focuses on wellbeing, breathing techniques and distractions. It can help for stress and anxiety, sleeping, motivation and more. Has both a free and a premium offer, and sessions are between 4 – 30 minutes. 





Calm is a free meditation and sleep app. It can read you stories, play relaxing music, or give you motivational speeches as you work or exercise! 




Adult colouring pages  

Colouring pages made digitally available and FREE by independent artists. We do recommend sending over a donation to the artists to help keep them afloat during these difficult times. 

Wren and Wilson

Are we nearly bare yet

Works Beautifully (50p)




Morning workout – PE with Joe 

Recommended by Martha Warren

Start your day off with a workout from Joe Wicks, this is great for the whole family and a perfect way to shake off those cobwebs. 

PE with Joe