Student ID card name changes are now FREE!

Tuesday 13-04-2021 - 10:00

We are delighted to announce we have been working with the University to remove the charge for changing names on your UWTSD student cards!

Not only are free name changes for Student IDs a massive win financially for students, it’s an incredible step in supporting our Trans community. We wanted to take this opportunity to share the thoughts of your Gender Identity PTOs on this development:

“I am pleased to see this news about the removal of the charge regarding student cards and inclusion of updating the name for transgender individuals. This is great news, as it is one less thing to pay for during a costly process of transitioning, and it is so validating in once you get an ID with your name on it, as like when I got mine; it helped to move a lot of dysphoria from my gender incongruence, and I felt a bit more connected to uni. I could not explain the feeling of validation you get from it, apart from it is really really good feeling, and now for people transitioning while at uni, they can do it without being charged. Also, it does help regarding proving to government and NHS that you are full-time out or at least intending to be full-time. This will help many trans people to get access to hormones, updating other ID and proof for their gender recognition certificate, if they are going for it. I do have to say thank you to the SU and Uni staff who were involved in getting this decision out; thank you!!!” 

Jennifer Sargisson – Swansea Gender Identity Officer

“This is a wonderful achievement, which will hopefully pave the way and help make it easier for the Transgender and Non-binary students at UWTSD to transition, and feel comfortable during their time studying here” 

Faye Brightman – Carmarthen Gender Identity Officer

Registry is on hand to answer any queries you have about the policy around changing your name on your official University records. This includes your ‘Official Name’, your ‘Known As’ name, changes to these and Gender Re-assignment on your records, but we have included some more detailed information below:

Your Official vs your ‘Known as’ name

The primary difference between your official and known as name are the documents and communications they will be used on. Your official name is based on your formal documentation like a passport or birth certificate, whereas your known as name is what you prefer to go by. Your official name will be used on your degree certificate, whereas your known as name can be used on certain communications.

Official Name Change 

If you change your name officially on your records while a student with UWTSD, you can submit a formal request to Registry or your collaborative centre, who will then contact Registry to make those changes. 

You will need to provide some evidence, like a passport, change of name deed or marriage certificate. (Get in touch with Registry if you would like the full list of accepted evidence). If you are one of our international students, it is important that your name in the University records match the name in your passport, especially if you need a visa to study in the UK! Please reach out to Registry if you need support with this.

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