Committee Roles



This role suits someone who is well organised, a good delegator, a good communicator and confident.

The President will:

  • Act as the main point of contact for TSDSU and queries from club/society members
  • Fill out the Affiliation Form each academic year
  • Be the figurehead and spokesperson of the club/society
  • Ensure smooth running of the society, taking ultimate responsibility for events, meetings and communication
  • Take joint responsibility for funding applications in consultation with the Treasurer
  • Ensure maximum participation in the club/society by students through active promotion at Freshers’ fair each year
  • Arrange continuation of club/society from year to year, eg. Co-ordinating handover during summer term if committee are graduating
  • Consult the Club/Societies Handbook and make sure relevant information is distributed to the committee and members
  • Attend any meetings that involve the club/society, e.g. the Club/Societies AGM at the start of each academic year



This role suits someone who is good with figures, reliable and trustworthy

The Treasurer will:

  • Manage the club/society’s budget which must be through the TSDSU bank account only. No external accounts may be used for club or society business.
  • Be responsible for paying in and taking out funds on behalf of the society from their TSDSU bank account
  • Keep records of income and expenditure, e.g. receipts, which MUST be returned with any claim back for money
  • Liaise with TSDSU on matters of finance
  • Make sure that other members of the club/society are aware of financial regulations and their responsibilities
  • Ensure that external agencies used by the society send correct invoices if they need to be paid
  • Ensure that any handling of cash is done in a trustworthy manner with full records kept
  • Be responsible for filling out grant and/or loan applications and returning them to a TSDSU reception in good time before the Exec meeting at which the application is to be discussed
  • Sign up to TSDSU’s constitution in the society statement of intent on affiliation form


Social Secretary

This role suits someone who is well organised, reliable and good at taking responsibility.

The Social Secretary will:

  • Ensure communications between the club/society and the Students’ Union, keeping the SU informed of your events and activities so we can help you promote them on our website etc.
  • Keep a contact list of members with names, email addresses, and telephone from information gathered from the sign up through the internet.
  • Ensure everyone in the club/society recognises they have a common-sense duty of care towards one another.
  • Seek advice from TSDSU on safety issues for your society.
  • Promoting safe practice within the society at all times
  • Assess the safety of proposed events and venues
  • Liaise with committee members on social events
  • Promote social events over Club’s social media and website
  • Be a positive role model for all members of the Club