Socials Guidance


All your activities and events must comply with Government, University and Union guidelines. To help you, we've put together a dedicated page.

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Points to remember when running a Social

  • All Socials are Voluntary; Non-attendance must not be a barrier to other activities. Attendance at socials is to have no bearing on team/squad/selection
  • All Club/Society committee members are responsible for the running of socials and must make sure any activity is safe and inclusive at all times
  • Alcohol should not be the principal focus of an event, or the main way an event is promoted.
  • Any activities should be non-discriminatory and optional.
  • If any discounted price is negotiated with individual licensed premises, the offer must extend to non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Any member who is opting for a non-alcoholic option must not be pressured into taking alcoholic alternatives.
  • No student should be pressurised into doing anything that they don’t want to do.
  • The Social Secretary and the other members of the club/society committee are responsible for the welfare of all members taking part in the social.
  • Social activities must not bring the reputation of TSDSU or the Club/Society into disrepute.


Unacceptable Behaviour (this list is not exclusive)

Unfortunately, club and society socials have developed a reputation nationally for excess. In order to protect UWTSD students, the following rules apply:

  • All members will have a different response to activities; as such no ‘peer’ Pressure (intended or not) should be placed on any member to anything against their will.
  • Damaging people’s property (including clothing)
  • Forced consumption/pressure to excessively consume alcohol
  • Creating concoctions with potentially harmful ingredients (e.g. large quantities of chilli, nuts, numerous shots) or ingredients designed to humiliate individuals (e.g. mix beverage with body fluids)
  • Forced nudity in public
  • Pressurising individuals/groups of individuals to perform tasks, whether degrading/humiliating or otherwise Causing harm to an individual
  • Physical abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Violent behaviour or threats of violence
  • Harassment of any kind, including but not exclusively racial and sexual harassment
  • Initiations are forbidden

What is an Initiation?

“An event in which members of a club are expected to perform a task or tasks as a means to gain credibility, status or entry in to the club. This may be achieved by peer pressure (although not explicitly) and may compromise a person’s inherent dignity by forcing or requiring an individual to partake in activities such as: drinking alcohol, eating mixtures of various foodstuffs, nudity and any other behaviour that may be deemed humiliating. This also extends to online initiation activities on social networking sites or blogs, etc. Individuals should not be pressured into divulging personal information, be subject to comments, photos or images that demean or compromise the dignity of individuals or groups.”

All Club/Society committee members will be held personally responsible for any Initiation Ceremonies that take place and will run the risk of facing TSDSU disciplinary procedures if the rules are breached.


Group Disciplinary includes:

  • Removal of privileges such as the ability to hire out or use TSDSU facilities, coaching, stall at Freshers’ Fair or use of hired vehicles etc.
  • Fine(s)
  • Removal of grant funding and/or the ability to apply for future funding
  • Removal of team(s) from BUCS Competition
  • Removal of club from BUCS Competition
  • Closure of Student Group


Individual Disciplinary includes:


  • Removal of individuals from BUCS Competition
  • Match bans
  • Expulsion of the individual from the Student Group
  • Reporting to the University for disciplinary consideration under the student code of conduct
  • Reporting to the Police for Criminal Prosecution

* If any member feels that these guidelines have been breached, they should inform the students' union by emailing